• Components for monitoring and managing sensor values and actuators
  • Visualize and analyze measurement data
  • Individually configurable reporting action for system events
  • Individually configurable and detailed logging options

Modern facility management

Facility management is a complex topic

In a modern building infrastructure, a wide variety of assistance systems run transparently in the background and can vary enormously depending on the type of building. To manage these systems, central management systems are often used to fully-automatically manage individual aspects or entire building complexes.
This includes, for instance:

  • Emergency lighting
  • Sprinkler systems
  • Cooling systems and environmental control systems
  • Electric locking systems and emergency unlocking
  • Fire control systems
  • Emergency power generators and battery management
  • IT systems and power distribution (outlets)

This list can be any length and highly depends on the type of building and its purpose.
Usually, these local management systems can autonomously take measures in the event of an emergency and/or communicate with super ordinate or subordinate systems.

Accessories for the CS141 - A concept that grows with your needs

Depending on the application profile, GENEREX offers customized system solutions for modern and transparent communication:

Every unit is capable of communicating with nearly any management system via Modbus, BACnet, SNMP, remote Syslog, email and email traps, RCCMD and, with converters via Profibus and Profinet.

Depending on the model and configuration level, in addition to this basic features package, zero-potential contacts, analog and digital sensors, switching relays for transfer switches and power switches for direct communication with end devices, management systems, feedback systems and much more are also available.