• Optimized for 19” installation frames in server cabinets
  • 64 digital inputs to connect contact detectors
  • Intelligent sensor matrix for batch notifications and escalation management
  • Can be adapted to fit to nearly any IT infrastructure

The digital monitoring matrix

While the SITEMANAGER 6’s core functions are operational safety and control of infrastructure measures, the SITEMONITOR 6 is focused on digital monitoring:

Almost everything with a digital trigger can be monitored and analyzed by the SITEMONITOR 6.

An easy-to-setup, complete alarm system for building management with which any web browser can be used for management and monitoring. The intelligent matrix can be easily used to configure escalation states as well as to combine any single input to generate a complex alarm behavior.

64 configurable digital inputs

In a simple installation process, the various sensors (e.g. temperature, humidity) and actuators (e.g. warning light, buzzer) can be safely and quickly connected to the unit.

Via the new logical interface, the user can create and manage combined events (AND/OR logic) in the event of alarms. No system monitoring is required. The SITEMONITOR 6 independently manages all alarms according to the administrator configuration. 64 LEDs on the front of the unit indicate the status.

Works as stand-alone system as well as a part of large environmental control systems

All the information from other systems can be read out and processed via the integrated serial port. Network and system switches (RCCMD required) are executed automatically and alarms are forwarded to the relevant people via email or SMS.

The SITEMONITOR 6 is a stand-alone management system that can also be easily integrated into other network management systems.

The SITEMONITOR 6 was specially developed to monitor additional units, autonomously monitor buildings or interact with UPS management software.