• Powerful IT management functions
  • Intelligent building management with escalation levels
  • Open interfaces for any type of sensor
  • Power switches above 2 amperes

Professional building management

The SITEMANAGER 6 is the ultimate all-in-one solution when a centralized facility management is needed.
It is flexible, scalable and offers more features than any other unit from the CS141 product family.

The following are available for advanced facility management:

  • 8 analog sensor ports
  • 8 digital inputs
  • 8 digital outputs
  • 8 switching relays for power switches
  • 1 fully-equipped BACS WEBMANAGER for 512 batteries
  • 16 digital inputs and outputs via the BACS bus
  • 1 fully-qualified RCCMD server
  • 1 front plate with warning LEDs for quick visual checks

One system to rule them all, one system to find them …

The SITEMANAGER 6 was specially developed for use in 19” racks and offers all of the features you need in a compact unit.
The unit offers all information via both a manageable web interface and via SNMP, Modbus over IP, BACnet and remote syslog. Countless options for communicating directly with superordinate and subordinate system components via contacts are also available:

  • Gas, water, fluids, acid

  • Glass breakage

  • Motion sensors, light barriers

  • Pressure sensors

The digital inputs and outputs can also be used to directly connect to secondary systems to, for instance, activate an automatic emergency ventilation system, sprinkler systems or directly interact with other systems.

A SITEMANAGER 6, can automatically execute the emergency ventilation in the event of nitrogen accumulation and inform a directly superordinate reporting system of the situation and simultaneously output the status via SNMP, Modbus, BACnet or remote Syslog.

Power switches included

The switching relays designed for the power switch can handle up to 2 amperes which mean there is enough space for numerous systems that can otherwise only be actuated via a transfer switch.

Special feature: The intelligent sensor matrix

Collective faults and escalation levels can also be generated via the sensor matrix:

If, for instance, a concerning level of nitrogen is in the air and the emergency ventilation does not respond within 2 minutes, an acoustic and visual alarm will be automatically activated. The digital and analog inputs can be linked logically in any manner so the same sensors trigger an alarm behavior in a variety of constellations.

Quick-connect terminal blocks for easy connection

Thanks to special connection blocks, installation is easy and manageable:
You have the choice between individual connections via removable quick-connect terminal blocks, directly connecting the contacts or using the prefabricated RJ12 sensors which can, of course, be ordered as optional accessories at any time.

Professional emergency management redefined

The SITEMANAGER 6 scores on the software side with professional system management:

In the event of an emergency, servers have to migrate, shut down, back up their data, etc. as quickly as possible. For this reason, every BACS system is also a fully-qualified RCCMD server that can quickly and efficiently shut down even highly complex systems using the globally popular RCCMD shutdown solution.

  • Linux

  • Hyper-V

  • vmWare (individual hosts, cluster management, vSAN Shutdown and many more)

  • UNIX

  • Windows

At the same time, active systems can be switched on a precise schedule via external relays and feedback about the switching statuses can be obtained so all possible hardware and software combinations are available.

The SITEMANAGER can trigger system migrations to alternative sites, shut down IT systems, block elevators, activate emergency lighting, unlock electrical locks, start emergency systems, redirect the power distribution to emergency mode and much more.

BACS On Board

Modern infrastructures depend on the emergency supply of power. Many people only consider servers and computer systems, but, in fact, switches, transfer switches, emergency lighting, sprinkler systems and other systems are also affected. They are systems that depend on the emergency power supply at 100% system capacity.

Therefore, for a professional overall system, BACS, the globally-known battery management system, is included which makes the SITEMANAGER 6 the first choice for a holistic infrastructure and IT management system:

The SITEMANAGER 6 starts at the batteries to ensure the operational safety of the entire emergency system.