• Control unit for all types of sensors and actuators
  • Compatible with the CS141 series
  • Can be configured remotely
  • Alerts via email, SMS and network notifications

Just add more functions…

The SENSORMANAGER is not a stand-alone unit, but rather an add-on module for the CS141 WEBMANAGER with which the scope of features can be vastly expanded.
The SENSORMANAGER allows for the connection of analog and digital sensors for strategic room surveillance. Since the interface is open, the type of sensor is irrelevant, so you can connect any type of sensor:
  • Gas, water, fluids, acid
  • Glass breakage
  • Motion sensors, light barriers
  • Pressure sensors
The digital inputs and outputs can also be used to directly connect to secondary systems to, for instance, activate an automatic emergency ventilation system, sprinkler systems or directly interact with other systems.
Thus, the CS141, using the SENSORMANAGER, can automatically execute the emergency ventilation in the event of nitrogen accumulation and inform a directly superordinate reporting system of the situation and simultaneously output the status via SNMP, Modbus, BACnet or remote Syslog.

Special feature: The intelligent sensor matrix

Collective faults and escalation levels can also be generated via the sensor matrix:
If, for instance, a concerning level of nitrogen is in the air and the emergency ventilation does not respond within 2 minutes, an acoustic and visual alarm will be automatically activated.
The digital and analog inputs can be linked logically in any manner so the same sensors trigger an alarm behavior in a variety of constellations.

The SENSORMANAGER is equipped with the following features:

  • 8 analog inputs to monitor temperature, humidity and many other types of sensors
  • 4 digital inputs for alarm sensors for, e.g. smoke, fire, water, etc.
  • 4 digital outputs for optical and visual alarm transmitters
The SENSORMANAGER is available in the following model variants:
  • As an add-on module for the CS141.
  • As an add-on module for the UPSMan software to connect to a computer.
  • As a special RFC1628 add-on for easy integration into SNMP environments.