RCCMD - the most successful Shutdown Software in Europe

02 May 2024

RCCMD - the most successful shutdown software for UPS systems in Europe

Hardly any other system in the UPS industry manages the balancing act between user-friendliness, flexibility, functionality, security and reliability in heterogeneous server structures with regard to automated shutdown routines like our RCCMD.

What makes RCCMD so uniquely different from “others”?

RCCMD's approach is not, like most other solutions, a central control software that communicates with all participants via complex control commands, but rather a software concept in which each individual client has local shutdown solutions. Each client runs autonomously and without contact with the shutdown sender until the RCCMD sender decides that intervention (shutdown or start of a script) is necessary. This RCCMD concept makes it possible to centrally control an individual shutdown solution for a wide variety of operating systems and even take redundancies into account - with the lowest maintenance effort and minimal resource use for the RCCMD clients.

25 years of RCCMD -
the most successful shutdown software in Europe

How time flies: The first version of RCCMD already met with great interest among end users: the UPS systems were very limited in their application in networks and a power failure at the time meant that IT departments had to do a lot of manual work to update their IT to shut down in time. RCCMD made it possible to create complex shutdown routines early on and to automate all previously manual operations. A longer “power outage” with the need to shut down a large network lost its horror and is still carried out “automatically” by RCCMD to this day.

A lot has happened since then, and RCCMD has been continuously developed over the years and is now an integral part of highly critical infrastructure measures and impresses administrators from industry, shipping, aviation, authorities and the military with its flexible, modular and powerful features and inexpensive licensing model.

“RCCMD Licensing and RCCMD Royalty”

Our RCCMD license model is tailored entirely to the wishes of your customers: easy installation of the RCCMD clients in small networks without major licensing and for large installations with frequent server changes, a “RCCMD Corporate License”, with which a key can be used for up to a set number of installations used and can be combined with other licenses as desired.
RCCMD is also integrated into the network cards of many other well-known manufacturers of UPS devices, sensor manufacturers or manufacturers of other systems. These licensees have integrated RCCMD into their own monitoring devices and, in the event of an alarm, send a shutdown into the network that is RCCMD compatible - every RCCMD client that receives this signal will then start its own shutdown procedure, just as if the RCCMD transmitter were from a GENEREX network device been sent out.

This means that inexpensive network products can also be used and can be upgraded without your own shutdown software. Our loyal RCCMD licensees for many years include big names such as LEGRAND, ABB, HUAWEI, SALICRU, CENTIEL, NSA, UNITE, BECOM, BETRON, QNX, SISWORLD, GE, RITTAL, MITSUBISHI, ONEAC/VERTIV, WINCOR NIXDORF, BENNING and several others. Worldwide, this acceptance of RCCMD ensures a broad base of users and thus a constantly growing business area - both among the licensees and at GENEREX itself. And our task remains to support all of these licensed users with RCCMD installations, regardless of whether they are from our own devices of the CS141/BACS series or the devices of our licensees. Over the years, this has made RCCMD the most licensed shutdown software on the market worldwide.
As a GENEREX OEM customer, you can also purchase a “RCCMD Royalty” and thus receive the “copyright” for the duration of the licensing. This means that GENEREX only supplies the license keys for installation; the pricing model and distribution of the RCCMD software is the sole responsibility of the licensee. This means that each licensee can offer their own prices and packages for RCCMD and their devices and thus offer special shutdown software packages for their UPS range - with always the same license costs - no matter how many licenses are used.

You can't buy RCCMD cheaper than through a royalty license agreement!