02 May 2024

The first patent-protected battery passport according to EU BattG 2024

The GENEREX SMARTLOGGER / SMARTBATTERY has received the protection of a Europe-wide patent just in time for the new EU BattG 2024. It carries the EU patent number EP 18726032.8 and fulfills the functional as well as content and data protection regulations set out in the EU BattG 2024.

The patented SMARTLOGGER (or, alternatively, the part of the electronics that can be integrated into a battery, which then bears the name SMARTBATTERY) can be retrofitted to all existing 12V batteries in order to meet the EU requirement for measurement data.

The SMARTLOGGER / SMARTBATTERY is the first patented “battery passport” in accordance with the EU BattG 2024, valid in 25 EU countries.

The idea behind the SMARTBATTERY and SMARTLOGGER patents came up shortly after the 2016 Battery Regulation, when it was clear that there would be another revision and that things would become more stringent. It was clear to us that both importers/manufacturers/distributors as well as end customers have an interest in the “life path” each battery has undergone from “birth” to “grave” and whether hidden damage is to be expected. Because batteries of the same design are manufactured in different factories around the world, it is also important to document when and where the first delivery took place and when the last battery recharge took place. Natural self-discharge is not insignificant, especially with lead batteries made from the cheapest type of chemistry (lead calcium). This information is important before delivery to the end customer. Furthermore, for the first time, causes of a battery failure can be subsequently identified, for example in order to be able to reject or grant a warranty claim. The measured values recorded over 10 years in the SMARTLOGGER / SMARTBATTERY quickly reveal whether batteries are defective and need to be disposed of - with appropriate proof of correct disposal and what remaining service life can be expected.

Picture: The SMARTLOGGER opened with connection for external NFC antenna - as a fully-fledged offline BMS via NFC, it provides a comprehensive picture of the use of the battery since the date of production or picking and thus meets both the requirements of the EU BattG 2024 and the GDPR (Data protection). All you need is the SMARTLOGGER Companion app, which is available to download free of charge from the Google Play Store.

The SMARTLOGGER/SMARTBATTERY is the only device on the market with this “battery passport” function that has several unique technical features recognized by the European Patent Office as being worth protecting, based on its unique “dual use“ case: Battery pass and battery monitoring!
With the SMARTLOGGER / SMARTBATTERY, the EU requirement for a battery passport is met; at the same time, both also function as
efficient and inexpensive battery monitoring.
The battery manufacturer also benefits from the data from the system to optimize and control its products over their entire service life - this provides important data for quality assurance and the user's use of their product in accordance with the guarantee.

The SMARTLOGGER / SMARTBATTERY is a "black box" (similar to a flight recorder in aviation) that archives all battery data from production to disposal in a long-term data storage and at the same time provides the user / battery service with important data for assessing battery health (SOH) and capacity (SOC) delivers. The device therefore complies with the far-reaching EU battery regulations for long-term data storage as well as the GDPR and exceeds the functions required by the EU for a “battery passport”, which every battery sold within the EU should carry from 2024.
The patented long-term data storage and compression as well as the anonymous data transmission via NFC (Near Field Communication), which is also used in online banking, meets the EU battery passport requirements and is now patent protected. As a battery monitoring and data logger system that can be read purely via NFC, the low-power consumption logger works discreetly in the background without interfering with any IT security structure or disrupting the operational safety of the battery or the connected consumers. Similar to a transponder, the SMARTLOGGER only “wakes up” when the NFC device approaches and then delivers the desired data from its long-term storage.

The following measurements and data are available
Available with SMARTLOGGER V2:

  • Date of production
  • Date of commissioning by the end customer and start of the guarantee period.
  • Date/time for each measured value for voltage and temperature of 12-volt batteries at intervals of (default).
    1 hour, adjustable in intervals of 60s, 30s, 15s, 10s, max. measuring period 10 years.
  • Adjustable temperature and voltage limits (warning and alarm)
  • Definition of battery groups
    (e.g. management of own groups and measured values ​​for each individual customer)
  • Number of cycles to determine remaining life.
  • Unique, non-deletable serial number.
  • Definable unique battery names
  • Text information for each battery can be freely defined by the user.
  • Capacity taken in Ah in the event of a discharge.
    for data export to EXCEL and evaluation in the Google Playstore.
  • For all Android 11 or higher based devices with NFC chip
  • SMARTBATTERY only: Non-deletable storage areas for proof of disposal and sustainability testing in accordance with EU BattG 2024. With the disposal information entry, logging is stopped, and changes are no longer possible.
  • SMARTLOGGER only: Reactivation of a SMARTLOGGER that has been stopped due to disposal by the manufacturer/distributor of the device.

This means that users can meet all current EU requirements for a battery passport with minimal effort.

Announcement: The SMARTLOGGER V4 will be available from 2025!

The SMARTLOGGER V4, a variant with further optimizations, will come onto the market in 2025 and will also enjoy patent protection EP 18726032.8. In addition to all the known features of the SMARTLOGGER V2, this device also comes with the following functions:

  • For all battery chemistry types: Suitable for cell voltages 1.2V (LTO), 2V, 12V, 48V, 120V
  • Impedance measurement: Long-term impedance measurement (0.05 mOhm to 60 mOhm)
  • Improved temperature measurement: More precise temperature measurement thanks to the sensor integrated in the measuring cable.
  • BACS compatible housing with 2 LEDs for operation display and connection for external NFC antenna.
  • Wide selection of measuring cable lengths and cable lug variants compatible with BACS
  • Date/time the battery was disposed of
  • Disposal location and name or ID of the waste disposal company
  • Additional texts that provide individual information, for example about the location/type and owner

 The SMARTLOGGER V4 is currently still in development - we would like to hear your wishes for further improvements and look forward to your feedback to our sales or support via email: or