• Full-featured UPS and network management system
  • External ports offer upgrade options like sensors, relays and BACS
  • Can be transparently integrated into existing networks
  • Intelligent process control for time-sensitive system events

The CS141 Professional is unique

It can be transparently adapted to any UPS solution and, thanks to its wide range of applications, it offers numerous options, not just for managing the connected IT; if needed, it can also communicate directly with superordinate and subordinate systems via zero-potential contacts and even autonomously handle emergency management as an island system in difficult situations.

Depending on the configuration level, up to 8 analog sensors, 4 digital inputs and outputs and switching relays can be combined to create a holistic system that can be directly queried via any conventional superordinate system via Modbus, BACnet, remote syslog, and SNMP. The CS141 Professional is also equipped with its own monitoring system which presents all the data in a web browser, processed in real time.

If needed, the CS141 Professional can also actively react to configurable system events and, in the event of problems, initiate complex emergency measures, inform the relevant specialists and provide information about the nature of the emergency. The CS141 facilitates communication between a wide range of safety-related devices from network-based users and automatic safety systems.

The CS141 Adapter’s main functions includes

Compiling available data

On request, UPS systems normally provide many data via serial ports. The data will be collected and stored automatically for evaluation and in case of a system failure of the according UPS system.

Providing status information in real time

In addition to a slim and modern web-based interface, collected status information can be requested by using all common query concepts like SNMP, BACnet, Modbus and syslog or via email to inform higher-level and subordinate monitoring and management systems.

Executing jobs in case of system events

The modular programming system can be used to assign jobs to upcoming system events. The job range can be used for information as well as a structured, fully automatable emergency shutdown management.

The high level of flexibility and expansion options available to the CS141 family are set it apart from the competition. Additional benefits are:

  • Support of more than 1400 UPS models
  • Notification of the user via email, SMS, network notifications
  • Support of SNMP, BACnet, Modbus, RCCMD, mail/email traps, remote Syslog and many more
  • Status reports and event logs
  • Data analysis with graphical presentation
  • Scheduling standard functions
  • Can be expanded to include a SENSORMANAGER to connect a wide range of environmental sensors
  • Optional: Modbus dual functionality

What benefits does the CS141 Professional offer?

The CS141 Professional series is ideally suited for users who want uncompromising flexibility and reliability and don’t want to be limited:

Thanks to its external interfaces, the CS141 Professional offers what is likely the most flexible and independent web based infrastructure management available on the market. Even complex shutdown management consisting of several individual steps and sequences in which software and hardware are linked can be fully automated via the CS141. A special feature of the CS141 Professional series is that it can be equipped with the globally utilized BACS battery management system and is thus a solid and reliable platform for every task.

The CS141 Professional web managers are available as an external stand-alone version and as a slot card. Both versions in this series are equipped with the same external interfaces and can be upgraded to meet your needs.