• Get valuable battery data
  • Standalone Monitoring Concept
  • App controlled: battery data on site
  • Fast, flexible and easy to use
  • Patented: EP18726032.8

Sometimes, measuring data make the difference

Normally, an operating guarantee is given for any UPS solution. This guarantee includes the batteries changes. If one or more batteries should fail within this period, the provider is obliged to remedy the issue as a guarantee case.

The problems start at the moment when the failure patterns indicate that either something is fundamentally wrong within the UPS solution and it is difficult to differ whether the problems are caused by wrong usage or the damages are a genuine guarantee case.

In such cases, you need to use at least a battery monitoring system to find the problem because a defective battery provides no information about the causes of the defect itself.

However, these systems have to be installed explicitly, which is time-consuming and expensive depending on the size of the system - costs that the vendor of UPS solution initially has to bear himself.

The SMARTLOGGER - offline monitoring made "fast, easy and flexible"

The SMARTLOGGER closes the gap between large battery monitoring and battery management concepts and a quickly deployable island solution on site:

  • Installation made simple
    The SMARTLOGGER is placed directly on the battery during installation and then initialized via a smartphone via NFC. After initialization, the SMARTLOGGER starts collecting battery data.

  • Strategic long-term monitoring
    The SMARTLOGGER provides internal memory to record battery data for up to 10 years.
    Since all SMARTLOGGER work as an independent stand-alone device, several devices can be placed in larger UPS solutions for comprehensive system monitoring.

  • Tactical capacity tests in real-time
    Independently to any long-term monitoring, the SMARTLOGGER can be used for tactical capacity tests within the UPS solution. The device collects up to 24 hours of battery data every minute without harming the long term test data.

  • Analyze batteries on site
    Technical staff can read out the battery measurements and compare them to other batteries during regular maintenance.

  • NFC technology grants 100% offline mode
    End users who operate their systems in sensitive high-security areas do not need to generate any security approvals for this solution: the SMARTLOGGER app runs autonomously, works with any android device that supports an NFC function and without a network connection.

Picture: The iBACS SMART BATTERY system app queries the SMARTLOGGER within seconds and clearly shows the current health status.

Who is the SMARTLOGGER for?

UPS solution providers and their service partners who regularly have problems with defective batteries need a fast and easy-to-install on-site monitoring solution that works independently of the customer. With this device they will find a powerful and easy-to-handle tool for searching for battery damaging issues or simply to verify a guarantee issue in site.

The system could also be of interest for test installations, as it collects the data directly independently to other monitoring concepts and can thus provide measurement data for long-term battery tests as an independent measuring instrument, which can also log the entire life cycle up to the design life a battery.