• Integrated network compatible “Battery Analysis & Care System”
  • The world's first black box-integrated battery
  • Applicable to any given battery chemistry
  • Universal technological concept
  • Open Interface Design
  • Patented EP18726032.8

What is the most common cause of battery sudden death?

UPS system vendors and users often run into problems when their batteries fail through “sudden death”—they stop working with little or no clear warning, leaving the rest of the system in the lurch. Since a sudden death generally results in the destruction of any data or retrievable history, and since for the most part the “death” precludes any sort of evident indication, the battery cannot be used for further investigations.

Without reliable measuring data, the reason for a sudden battery death remains unknown and the responsible engineer or user is left in the dark, and it is up to the vendor to decide if a given warranty claim will be acceptable or not based upon scant evidence. The situation until now has not been ideal! But…

Now the SMARTBATTERY has arrived– the world’s first black box-integrated battery!

The SMART technology from GENEREX offers a special method to ensure battery function and data logging “from the cradle to the grave“, beginning with the production and delivery process and including storage conditions, pre- and post-sale:

  • Voltage conditions

  • Capacity conditions

  • Storing time and conditions

Upon initial activation, the SMARTBATTERY begins to write black box data; this data remains stored for the lifetime of the battery, integrated but independent to battery function. Through use of such technology a vendor will always be able to search for hidden signs that may cause a sudden battery death before installation, while also retaining said data well after the battery has ceased to function.

Since the SMARTBATTERY by its very design cannot be reset or tampered with, measured data stands incorruptible as a witness to the battery’s usage and treatment, which makes it invaluable with regards to warranty and other eventual legal disputes.

Pre-installed, reliable from the beginning, expandable by design

The SMARTBATTERY can be used as an integrated component of any given UPS array. Small systems benefit from the integrated offline battery monitoring as provided by the iBACS SMARTLOGGER APP, available for use of engineers via their own NFC-chip enabled smartphone:

  • Perform Capacity Tests in real-time, an industry first!

  • Gather measurement data from beginning to end of battery function

  • Set the sales date for customers as a hard-wired „handover“ date

Since the SMARTBATTERY‘s internal memory is specially protected against manipulation by design, it logs customer use without bias or risk of tampering. The more SMARTBATTERIES in the array, the more reliable will be the information to which a vendor has access. Manufacturer specifications and use of warranty conditions are held self-evident.

Independently to its core functions, the SMARTBATTERY technology also provides simple and valuable upgrade capabilities through application of a specialized and integrable BACS System slot component – the world’s finest and globally protected battery care and management system:

  • Lift the protective shield

  • Insert the BACS slot module

  • Connect the BACS Bus cables

  • Initialize the BACS System

The integrated SMARTLOGGER will automatically hand over all measuring data and tabulation control to the iBACS/ BACS WEBMANAGER, all without deleting or altering the internal black box data.

Even in the case of an incident that would otherwise result in the deletion of all data stored at the BACS WEBMANAGER, the offline monitoring remains available and can be used for redundanced offline monitoring on SITE during maintenance work.

Applicable to any given battery chemistry – a universal technological concept

The SMARTBATTERY technology is essentially passive, facilitating the logging of function and use data based upon pre-set parameters as an integrated system component. Owing to its inherent flexibility, the technology behind the SMARTBATTERY can be used with nearly any battery chemistry or charging concept, independent to the size of the battery in use, even with experimental battery chemistries!

The autonomous and maintenance free SMARTBATTERY technology provides for dependable data logging with application to:

  • Individual batteries

  • Battery strings

  • Charge / Discharge cycles

  • Pre-Install testing of battery functions

  • State of Health (SOH) and State of Charge (SOC)

... and many more.