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iBACS / iBACS PRO – The Expandable Battery Management System

A first of its kind, the SMARTBATTERY is a battery monitoring system which can be quickly and seamlessly upgraded to Battery Management System, at-will. The SMARTBATTERY terminal features an integrated slot into which the user may choose to slide another exciting GENEREX innovation: the iBACS. The iBACS or iBACS PRO module thus immediately turns the self-monitoring SMARTBATTERY into a fully featured Battery Management System with a simple *click!

Once activated, iBACS/iBACS PRO provides additional options to read the battery data in real time via the "BACS" bus in addition to the NFC wireless interface.

With the introduction of iBACS and iBACS PRO, GENEREX’s globally successful battery management system “BACS” has entered into its 4th generation! The system takes command of its respective battery to ensure a maximum payload of capacity and life duration. With the inclusion of our globally known and protected "Equalizing" technology, the iBACS PRO delivers up to 20% more battery capacity and dramatically extends the life of the SMARTBATTERY. This corresponds to an up to 50% longer service life than without the use of iBACS!

Open Source Interface for maximum flexibility

As an alternative to BACS, battery monitoring systems from other manufacturers can also be connected. We are interested in prospective licensees! As a licensee, you will get full access to all composition and design data of the SMARTLOGGER technology for in-house production.

Picture: Expandable by design: Lift the cover and insert the iBACS module.

iBACS Feature List

 Temperature measurement

iBACS / iBACS PRO measures the temperature of each battery and provides alarm functionality with respect to temperatures which reach levels outside the optimal specifications.

SOH, Voltage and Capacity measurement

iBACS will obtain voltage and capacity measurements in real time. Technical staff will be able to evaluate the data and find weak batteries during operation.

Modern and fast token ring technology for data transfer

The data transfer speed of iBACS / iBACS PRO is one of the fastest on the market. Compared to the previous generation of BACS or the performance of competitors, iBACS / iBACS PRO and BACS has the fastest data bus, with measurement intervals of < 0.25 seconds for each battery.

 High immunity to interference due to galvanic isolation

Due to the aging of individual components and disparity in component quality, UPS devices often generate varying levels of electrical noise.  This „noise“ can damage batteries as well as disrupt the measurement functionalities of battery monitoring systems. By galvanically isolating each BACS module both to the high voltage side and between the modules (BACS uses Token Ring as bus topology), interference is not a issue. This makes BACS significantly more resistant to interference in direct comparison to other battery monitoring systems.

iBACS PRO - unleash full featured battery management capabilities

With iBACS PRO, the SMARTBATTERY's scope of function is expanded to a new dimension of battery management concepts:

  • Click and play

    Just insert the new module during standard maintenance work and connect the BACS Bus cables. After initialization, the BACS Webmanager takes over and manages all batteries.

  • No measuring cables required

    There is no need to disassemble the complete battery system.

  • Fail save installation and redundancy

    The connectors of the iBACS PRO modules are pre-coded. Installation work is fast, simple and intuitive. Since the SMARTBATTERY's internal functions are still online, measuring battery data can be done through use of common NFC - capable android devices; no hot wire need be fiddled with!

With iBACS PRO, GENEREX proudly presents the fastest and most reliable BACS on the market

The iBACS PRO’s Edge: BACS, a full-featured battery management system

As of 2021 the world's most powerful battery management system is the new "iBACS PRO" - the 4th generation of BACS, functioning as a plug-in upgrade for the SMARTBATTERY.

In addition to the monitoring and measurement of temperature and charging voltage values, iBACS PRO provides additional features - in addition to a new high-precision internal resistance measurement technology iBACS comes with measurement of disturbances in charging current (AC ripple) as well as a battery capacity measurement!

Core Feature

iBACS PRO measures the voltages of each battery / cell extremely fast and regulates the voltage to the target voltage specified by the battery charger with an accuracy of 0.01 volts.

This protected technology concept is known as "equalizing" or "balancing" is the heart of all GENEREX battery management products.

“State of Health “(SOH)

iBACS / iBACS PRO determines the "health" of the battery based on the current required for the equalization (balancing) charge. The power expended to bring the battery / cell to the target voltage and hold it there provides insight of the health of the battery.

Equalizing / Balancing can be displayed upon a bar graph indicating performance. This indicator displays the health of the measured battery / cell. iBACS PRO also provides an indication of the internal battery resistance, which also relates directly to the condition of the battery over time.

 “State of Charge” (SOC) and capacity measurement

As an industry-wide innovation, iBACS PRO is the first system that can measure the capacity of each battery / cell. This capacity measurement is also a further indicator of the health of the battery, but it also gives the user direct oversight as to how long the battery can deliver energy in the case of a discharge.  IEEE states that when a battery reaches < 80% capacity it should be replaced. This new feature is of particular interest to integrators or UPS manufacturers who have always missed this metric to ensure critical applications are supported.

AC ripple measurement

iBACS is able to measure and display the amount of AC content on the DC bus. With this metric the user can see whether the rectifier/charging system is aging or if it requires maintenance. Damage to batteries due to high ripple content can be prevented, significantly contributing to an increased life duration and reliability of the batteries and the UPS itself.

This capacity measurement makes the SMARTBATTERY very interesting for UPS manufacturers!

The battery capacity and autonomy data provided by UPS arrays are at best considered rough guidelines. The active and accurate capacity of a given battery is not yet something provided by UPS devices—this is a critically missing component, and a missing point of vital reference for UPS users. Lacking accurate measurement batteries are often replaced too early by default in order to avoid failures – or too late. With our technology it is now possible to measure and monitor the capacity of the battery. The weakest and most problematic batteries of a given array can thus be identified and dealt with—a targeted, and ultimately cost saving ability.

Continuous monitoring grants UPS manufacturers a unique insight into the state of each individual battery, providing more reliable runtime information as well as improved security.