**NEW** Advanced Service for OEM Partners

04 May 2023

Favicons and [OEM Name] Webmanagers

We’re always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to improve the user experience for our OEM Partners and their valued customers.

Effective as of Firmware version 2.12, our OEM partners will see their own logo and “[OEM Name] Webmanager” atop any applicable web interface tabs.

In the example above, we’ve used our “neutral” GENEREX logo and “GENEREX Webmanager”.  

Most of our OEM Partners will have already noticed this change having taken place; for those of you to whom our “neutral” logo and Webmanager name still apply, please contact Mrs. Martina Kohlstruck – m.kohlstruck@generex.de – to provide an up-to-date favicon of your choosing.

As always, we remain appreciative of your choosing GENEREX as OEM Partner and provider of the industry’s most trusted Critical Power Management products and services!