An Update on the UNMS Cloud Services

11 April 2022

THE UNMS CLOUD Service is making progress …

Since the announcement in our last newsletter, a lot has happened with our UNMS Cloud Service. Reason enough that we would like to keep you up to date from now on: Visit our website for the latest NEWS - Link - Under Cloud Services you will find the current development status on this new service in our portfolio:

How the UNMS Cloud Service Email-Trap services work:

A UPS, CS141/BACS or SITEMANAGER System offers a wide range of information about the devices and environments to which it is belongs:

  • UPS and ambient readings
  • Alarm states
  • Battery test run, discharge, threshold warning
  • Battery failure and many other system messages and measurings
  • Battery Error

=> All measurements of the UPS, batteries, and sensors are sent regularly via encrypted data package over Email to the UNMS Cloud Server

If the customer has a maintenance contract with one of our partners, their environment can be easily and safely monitored using UNMS. In case of a problem, the customer can be informed or maintenance can be scheduled. This mode of operation requires a UNMS with email traps installed to inform the actions of one of our partners.


If the end customer prefers to manage their UPS and environment themselves, they can use the UNMS CLOUD APP service. The picture on the right shows the application as an Apple iOS app on an iPhone.