• Specially developed for alternative slot designs
  • External port for sensors and SENSORMANAGER
  • Native support of all common UPS models
  • Flexible and intuitive user interface

The CS141 R2 / Mini is a special adapter for UPS slots which deviate from the standard

The core function of the CS141 R2 / MINI is to monitor the UPS and manage the connected IT as well as to control environmental systems like air conditioning systems, emergency ventilation systems, etc. Depending on the configuration level, up to 8 analog sensors and 4 digital inputs and outputs each are available to the CS141 R2 / MINI to actuate superordinate and subordinate systems, provide information or receive feedback.

To expand the external connections, an optional SENSORMANAGER can be connected that can provide the relevant interfaces.

The main tasks of the CS141 R2 / Mini include

Compiling data from UPS systems and external sensors

The basic function is to collect, compile and display data from UPS systems and optional environmental sensors. For this purpose, the CS141 R2 / Mini provides an additional interface for optionally available external sensors.

Provision of status information

Like all devices in the CS141 family, the CS141 R2 / Mini offers, in addition to its own web interface, numerous options to provide data directly to higher-level and lower-level systems.

Execute customized jobs to system events

Thanks to the freely configurable job management, the CS141 R2 / Mini offers options to react directly to UPS-specific events as well as to external sensors. By doing so, the CS141 R2 / Mini is capable to initiate even complex emergency measures fully automatically.

The high level of flexibility and expansion options of the CS141 family are the major benefits which includes the following criteria:

  • Support of more than 1400 UPS models
  • Notification of the user via email, SMS, network notifications
  • Support of SNMP, BACnet, Modbus, RCCMD, mail/email traps, remote Syslog and many more
  • Status reports and event logs
  • Data analysis with graphical presentation
  • Scheduling standard functions
  • Can be expanded to include a SENSORMANAGER to connect a wide range of environmental sensors
  • Optional: Modbus dual functionality

Sometimes manufactures use smaller frame layouts

In many cases, an alternative layout is used for the slots in UPS systems so the standard CS141 slot does not fit. The CS141 MINI / R2s were specially designed for such alternative slot layouts and are technically designed to be used in precisely these slots without performance losses.

In addition, up to 8 analog sensors and 4 digital inputs and outputs can be managed via a SENSORMANAGER. The only downside in comparison to the CS141 Professional is that, due to the highly compact design, the AUX port had to be omitted for technical reasons, which means the CS141 R2 / MINI is not suitable for the use of BACS or relay boards.

Users for whom these features are important can use an external CS141 Professional or read out the CS141 R2/Mini via LAN using the RFC1628 Smart UPS Interface which supports every model in the CS141 family as a default...