• UPS Management for more than 1400 models
  • Includes all basic features of the CS141 Professional
  • Powerful emergency shutdown management
  • Can be adapted to any safety concept for networks

The CS141 Budget is the CS141 Professional’s little brother

The core function is to monitor the UPS and manage core IT services like the server infrastructure. But it can fulfill many tasks beside this ...

The CS141 Budget is equipped with all network functions for monitoring via SNMP, mail / email trap, Modbus Over IP, BACnet and can be implemented, fully automatically, in an emergency management system, even in highly complex networks or in the high-security sector, in conjunction with the shutdown solution, RCCMD.

Scope of functions included when using the CS141 Budget

Compiling and processing data from uninterruptible power Systems (UPS)

As a device that belongs to the CS141product family, the Budget is capable to collect, process and store status information from the UPS it is connected to.

Providing status information

The second basic function is to provide status information in real time for higher-level and subordinated management systems. The CS141 Budget is also capable to provide information via a web based interface as a stand-alone system.

Executing jobs based on user-defined events

In combination with RCCMD, the CS141 Budget provides many options to automize the emergency behavior of a network infrastructure. Experienced users are able to fulfill even complex scripting-based routines.

The high level of flexibility and expansion options of the CS141 family are the major benefit which includes the following criteria:

  • Support of more than 1400 UPS models
  • Notification of the user via email, SMS, network notifications
  • Support of SNMP, BACnet, Modbus, RCCMD, mail/email traps, remote Syslog and many more
  • Status reports and event logs
  • Data analysis with graphical presentation
  • Automating standard functions

Differences in comparison to the CS141 Professional

In comparison to the CS141 Professional, the CS141 Budget series scores with its excellent price-to-performance ratio because it supports all software-side functions and is also updated regularly. New features are installed if they are made available with a new firmware version.

Contrary to the CS141 Professional, the Budget version isn’t quite as flexible:

Separately available accessories like sensors, switching relays or the BACS battery management system cannot be used; the functions of the Budget version are limited to monitoring a UPS or managing the connected IT.