• Main module of the alarm and management software for UPS systems with serial, USB or network ports
  • Autonomous execution of measures if events that endanger the system occur
  • Individually configurable action planner
  • Graphical system status indicators and logging

The ultimate UPS shutdown management control software for your server

The UPSMan software is used on computers in the UPS-related sector that are directly connected to the UPS via USB or a serial network port.

Picture: The UPSMan Software can shut down its own server and communicate via RCCMD with any other server device.

UPSMan provides two core functions

Logging the normal operation of a UPS

As long as the UPS is operated using the normal power supply, UPSMan’s purpose is to record all events in a log file and make these data available to the user on the network in a visualized format.

Emergency management in the event of a power failure

During a power failure, UPSMan monitors the remaining battery time of a UPS and, if needed, initiates the shutdown of protected local computers and networks.

GENEREX RCCMD software can be integrated into any UPSMan, which allows for messages to be sent and computers on homogeneous and heterogeneous networks to be shut down in a safe and controlled manner.

A variety of methods are available to execute shutdowns and startups, for instance, cold start, warm start or Wake On LAN.
UPSMan can be pre-configured for a nearly unlimited number of situation-dependent actions that are executed if an event occurs, e.g. user notifications via network notifications, emails or SMS or sending RCCMD commands to the remote computer.

UPSMan is equipped with a stand-alone web interface with which the monitored data can be made available via a standard web browser from any network terminal.

If necessary, the pre-configured applications can be started in 4 different stages during the remaining battery service life.