• A complete Out-Of-The-Box monitoring solution
  • Meets even the highest security conditions
  • Works with all battery chemistries
  • Flexible, powerful and customizable
  • Smallest capacity tester on the market

A Complete Battery Monitoring for your smartphone

The SMARTBATTERY technology provides a complete offline battery monitoring concept that can be used independently to any battery chemistry on the market. Furthermore, the SMARTBATTERY technology can be used for both, as an integrated black box element of a battery, or as external device that operates independent to any given monitoring infrastructure, the SMARTBATTERY technology provides transparency for your battery oversight.

With the new SMARTBATTERY Companion app, a new level of Offline Battery Monitoring and Analyse Systems is available:

Flexible and straightforward - a service engineer's best friend

Furthermore, the SMARTBATTERY technology can be used as both an integrated "black box" element of a battery for the purpose of warranty disputes, or as an external device that operates independent to any existing monitoring infrastructure, thus providing heightened transparency for your battery oversight

Things you can do with the SMARTBATTERY Companion App:

Quick State of Health Overview

A clear and light-weight overview illustrates whether a battery has exceeded pre-defined operation conditions and thus requiring more attention.

- green: the battery operates within normal conditions

- yellow: the battery has reached remarkable values

- red: the battery has definitely exceeded operating conditions

Long term testing and analysing, on-site

The integrated monitoring system provides all information necessary for a deep dive into the battery system itself, without infringing local network security: The Companion App uses NFC to directly request and download available log files from the batteries.

- Search for hidden damages

- Extrapolate interesting time windows

Furthermore, an integrated event handler shows points of interest within the timeline. You do not need to search for an event, just zoom directly to the time window you want to examine!

Instant Capacity testing and more

With the SMARTLOGGER technology, capacity tests no longer require tedious expenditure of time and energy. All you need is a SMARTLOGGER, a static load a static load with known power consumption and the Companion app.

After a small discharge test cycle, the Companion App will show if a battery is OK or needs additional attention.

Due to the fact that several SMARTLOGGER modules can be used simultaneously, comparable values are available.

Deep Analysis and Reporting

The Companion App is not restricted to internal functionality. With the freeware tool "SMARTLOGGER Exporter", it is possible to export the SMARTBATTERY Companion App files to a standard Excel document for deeper analysis, maintenance reporting and more.

And yes, measuring diagrams are also included and therefore available for documentation work:

The SMARTLOGGER Technology provides the smallest, most powerful Offline Battery Monitoring system on the market, that also meets the highest security conditions in the world!