BACS Videos

BACS History

In 2004, BACS was launched as an ambitious and innovative technology for the battery market. Now, in 2021, BACS has been established as the most powerful, flexible and reliable solution for active battery management that is compatible to any chemistry.

The BACS History
BACS Installation

BACS can be easily installed to manage any battery driven UPS solution - with this video, we will show how to install a BACS.

BACS Installation Video

BACS Compative Engineering Analysis #2

BACS compared with others
BACS User experiences

Customers all over the world trust the powerful and flexible options a BACS provides. Here are some of them.

The Datacenter BIT NL
BACS Equalizing Technology

BACS is capable to regulate each single battery within a string to the target voltage of the UPS system. The patented technology is known as balancing or equalizing. Learn how it works.

BACS - The Equalizer