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  • Real Time Information
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  • A "GENEREX Originals" Product

Why do I need a battery monitoring system?

This is one of the most interesting questions customers ask… A fully qualified management system can do many things a monitoring system cannot provide by design, but depending on the scenario, all the cool stuff of a management system may be a little overdressed or simply cannot be used because the infrastructure follows other operating concepts or corporate directives, e.g. "a human must decide and switch the controls manually… ".

Never underestimate a professional monitoring concept

Since 2016, the GENEREX Battery Analyse System BAS closes the gap between real time monitoring concepts and active battery management.

Batteries are much more complex parts of an emergency power solution than expected

Batteries normally seem to fail with sudden death. In reality, batteries will give many hints about an imminent battery failure that may harm the entire UPS solution. With BAS, technical staff can take a look into a battery in real time.
BAS will provide information about …
  • … the inner resistance
  • … voltage levels
  • … current flow
  • … ripple detection / quality of current flow
  • … battery and ambient temperature
  • … etc.
BAS is designed to collect all required data about the battery system state and provide them intuitive to shorten reaction time of technical staff in case of an incident.

What BAS can do for you:

  • Battery Analyse System is more than just a monitoring tool
 BAS is an all-in-one monitoring concept that will show nearly every aspect of a battery driven UPS solution including ambient sensors, available mains power and real time information about battery charge states of each single battery in case of a power fail
  • Battery Analyse System will help to understand battery failures
 BAS can do more than some voltage measurements – it can show you all relevant battery data like voltage, charge/discharge cycles, temperature of each single battery, ambient temperature, etc. With this information, it is possible to make a qualified error prediction and plan maintenance windows.
  • Battery Analyse System will show battery charge in real-time
BAS is a holistic system that will alert you in case of mains power failure each second, local to the battery. You can plan your system shut down nearly in real time depending on the measuring data. Prepare your shut down scripts and save power for the most critical systems. BAS will show the results of your shutdown action in real time.Why customers use BAS?
BAS is a real time monitoring concepts that will collect and provide battery data. The difference to a battery management system like BACS is, that a monitoring system is not designed to fulfill management tasks. However, in some cases, a fully featured management system may be usable but not make sense at all. Since BAS does not provide management functions, it is a reliable solution for extra information that will help to find a decision.