• The First Real Battery Care System Worldwide
  • Extend Battery Service Life Cycles
  • Full Automatic First Aid System
  • Deep Battery Analysis Allows Failure Prediction

GENEREX proudly presents BACS - the worldwide unique Battery Analysis and Care System

Over the years, the key issues with mains power failures have grown into an essential and influential topic, requiring a modern IT solution:

Modern IT systems are generally not designed to run without some kind of immediate emergency power solution. Normally, of course, the basic server will restart after mains power returns as expected, but data loss, damaged data-based systems and real time calculations are to be expected. In other cases, a system is not designed for a temporary shut down when running, e.g. special IT controlled equipment inside an intensive care unit of a hospital.

Emergency power is not endless, but expandable …

Within large IT environments, there are always crucial core systems that need to be protected until a generator is able to complete its startup procedure and take over power provision. If Mains power fails, administrators have to differ between system-critical, system-relevant and non-critical infrastructure or IT systems; Shutting down systems depending on their priority will save time for the core systems that must be protected.

Batteries are the crucial parts of a UPS solution

Batteries take over in case of a mains power loss and grant a time window for technical staff to respond accordingly. Depending on the system wide emergency state and the things that must be done, 15 seconds can decide if the entire emergency power concept fails:

If only one battery fails, emergency power drains out seconds earlier that calculated.

The difference between and monitoring and BACS

There are many reasons for a battery loss.

  • Wrong charging voltage
  • Wrong charging current
  • Wrong ambient temperature
  • etc.

A monitoring system will only display all measured data, but is not designed to initiate countermeasures - this must always be done by technical staff.

BACS is designed to take over and automize management tasks immediately to provide the best possible operating environment for batteries:

  • BACS can regulate voltage levels
  • BACS can regulate current levels
  • BACS can even trigger climate control systems if necessary
  • BACS will automatically inform when there is a problem with any battery

By doing so, BACS will increase the efficiency of the UPS solution and reduce maintenance time.

And, of course, in case of a mains power fail, BACS is a full network control manager. The BACS WEBMANAGER can fulfill many administrative tasks that will help technical staff to do more important things

  • BACS stores and provides status data of each battery
  • BACS can manage to shut down and switch less important IT infrastructure

BACS transforms your UPS solution into a holistic and fully networked management system that runs where the problems start.