GENEREX with a booth at „Data Centre World 2024“ in Frankfurt

02 May 2024

Visit us at our booth - Hall 8 - Booth E099

GENEREX SYSTEMS has been operating exclusively as a B2B supplier for 30 years. It’s served us well so far and will continue to remain our main sales market in the future. 
Almost 100 UPS and battery manufacturers sell and install our products under their own brand names, and over 300 UPS and battery service companies worldwide sell and install our products under the GENEREX brand name. End customers are not our business area, and as such we have zero direct commercial contact. We do however have direct contact with end users in when we provide support on behalf of our OEM partners.

We’re of course happy to provide technical support for all our partners, including directly to their end users!

Although end users are not direct customers for us, they are nonetheless the most valuable source of information about our products in practical, or “field”, use. None of our B2B partners can provide such valuable user information on BACS or our CS141 UPS network cards as operators and builders of data centers.
BACS Battery Management and CS141 UPS network products are used in almost all data centers in the western world – to date, more than 2 million BACS systems are installed in this sector alone. Banks, airports and the military as well as the energy and transportation sectors follow in second place.
DATA CENTER WORLD 2024 is the world's largest gathering of data center experts and end users. Many of the world's data centers are currently being built in the greater Frankfurt area - and GENEREX is represented with its products in every one of them. With this particularly high concentration of GENEREX users in Frankfurt, the DATA CENTER WORLD trade fair occupies a special position for us:

We want to support all interested parties and our partners on-site with our specialist knowledge and expertise!

21 exhibitors at DATA CENTER WORLD are already long-standing GENEREX partners who have extensive experience with our products. When it comes to purchasing or commercial decisions, we will naturally refer all users at this trade fair to our partners.

We look forward to seeing you and talking to you at our booth E099 !