30 Years of GENEREX – New American Headquarters in Mooresville NC

02 May 2024

As we prepare to inaugurate our new headquarters in Mooresville, North Carolina, we are not merely relocating; we are ushering in a new era of innovation and growth for GENEREX SYSTEMS Inc. This strategic move comes as a result of the expansion of our software development team in the USA and the increasing demands of our clientele both within North America and beyond the EU borders.
The significance of this transition extends beyond just physical space; it represents a commitment to providing our team with state-of-the-art facilities conducive to fostering creativity and collaboration. Our new headquarters will boast expansive office spaces designed to accommodate our growing workforce, cutting-edge laboratory and test environments where our products will undergo rigorous testing and refinement, and enhanced storage facilities to meet the evolving needs of our valued customers.

Situated on the picturesque shores of Lake Norman, our new location offers not only a scenic backdrop but also strategic proximity. Just 30 minutes north of Charlotte City, one of the most prominent financial hubs on the US East Coast, Mooresville provides the perfect blend of accessibility and serenity. This relocation aligns with our vision for continued expansion and positions us to better serve our clients while tapping into a rich talent pool in the region.
As we eagerly anticipate the completion of our new headquarters in the summer of 2024, we are mindful of the timing. It coincides with a significant milestone in GENEREX's history—the celebration of our 30th anniversary. This move symbolizes our enduring commitment to innovation, excellence, and the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction. We look forward to welcoming our team, partners, and clients to our new home, where together, we will shape the future of technology and redefine industry standards.

Our new address will be:

109 Magnolia Park Dr
28117 Mooresville, NC
Tel. +1-706-966-1447
Email: D.Baileys@generex.us


GENEREX Systems is proud of three decades of pioneering work and technological innovation. Since its founding in 1994, GENEREX has continued to push the boundaries of technology to provide innovative emergency power and battery management solutions to its customers worldwide. Since its inception, GENEREX has been at the forefront of revolutionizing our industry through innovative software and hardware solutions and gaining global market share with its patented products.

From humble beginnings to a renowned leader in the technology sector, GENEREX's journey over the past 30 years has been characterized by an unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity and customer satisfaction. The driving force behind GENEREX's success is technology, shaped by the innovation of technical director and founder Frank Blettenberger. The entire success story of GENEREX and the background are described in an interview conducted by a British trade magazine in London in 2012 with Frank Blettenberger. Read the full success story at “The BMS Revolutionary” later in this article.
As GENEREX celebrates this significant 30-year milestone, the company announces an important change in corporate leadership:

The founder Frank Blettenberger hands over the position of technical management of GENEREX SYSTEMS to Daniel Baileys.

As President of GENEREX and all companies and investments belonging to the group, Frank Blettenberger will remain closely linked to the company in the future and will continue to be its highest decision-making authority.
Daniel Baileys will take over his technical tasks immediately. In addition to the entire US operation, Daniel Baileys is also responsible for the software development, hardware research & development and customer support departments in Hamburg, Germany. Baileys has demonstrated exemplary leadership and a deep understanding of the industry over the past 10 years at GENEREX, leading the successful development of GENEREX SYSTEMS USA. His technical expertise and commitment to innovation make him the ideal fit for the position of CTO to lead the company into the next phase of growth and prosperity. Daniel Baileys shared his excitement about this opportunity and the trust placed in him:
"It is an honor for me to take on this challenging role of technical leadership at GENEREX. I am committed to continuing GENEREX's tradition of innovation and excellence in the future. GENEREX remains true to its commitment to provide innovative solutions exclusively for the B2B market to be successful together with our partners in this dynamic market.”

Picture: Daniel Baileys CEO & CTO GENEREX SYSTEMS