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Have you ever heard of BACS?

BACS is the short term for "Battery Analysis and Care System", invented by GENEREX in 2004. The idea of BACS was, that real time monitoring is great, but it will always need enough experts to take care for the batteries.
With BACS, next to monitoring and collecting data for deep analysis, the management tasks can be done automatically. Since BACS is connected to each single cell, the charging process can be regulated in time and adapted to the battery - monitoring systems can only show the results.Now, in 2008, the 2nd generation is launched by GENEREX:
Figure: The BACS 2 Module provides an easy and intuitive wiring.More operating security
  • Advanced environmental management functions
  • Advanced network management functions
  • Fast and easy wiring
  • Modular Design

BACS and the CS121 is a full automized emergency management system

BACS is not only a battery management system, it is designed for first aid management:
Depending on the installation type, BACS can even operate as a standalone fully qualified SPS- based management control center that can trigger ambient control systems, disable electrical door locks for fast access, detect hydrogen nests, inform responsible staff via SMS, e-mail, provide important information about the entire system, and many more…

Structured Information on site as well as deep battery analysis

Batteries are complex. With the second generation of BACS, technical staff will never again loose a battery with the main cause "sudden death" - A battery shows many small signs before a battery failure occurs. With the deep battery analysis options, technical staff will not only be able to predict a battery failure, but also understand the reason, what happened and why the battery will be lost.

Batteries are just the beginning…

With RCCMD, BACS is even capable as network management control center that can protect your critical IT infrastructure in case of a main power failure. With BACS, administrators will find a powerful network control center that is capable to manage a complex emergency shutdown and restart routine that even includes custom scripting and individual shutdown management of their servers.